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Mudsock Boys Basketball

Team Numbering

If you know your team name, but not the team number, you can use this chart below to determine the correct number.

The team number is preceded by your son’s grade level with an X in the chart below. Substitute your son’s grade for the X

If your son is on the 2nd grade Lakers, his team number would be 216.
If your son is on the 6th grade Pacers, his number would be 601.
(This does not apply to Junior High or High School teams)

Eastern Conference
X01 Pacers
X02 Pistons
X03 Heat
X04 Cavaliers
X05 Bulls
X06 Celtics
X07 Knicks
X08 76ers
X09 Magic
X10 Raptors
X11 Hawks
X12 Bucks
X13 Nets
X14 Wizards

Western Conference
X16 Lakers
X17 T-Wolves
X18 Thunder
X19 Spurs
X20 Jazz
X21 Kings
X22 Blazers
X23 Rockets
X24 Warriors
X25 Nuggets
X26 Mavericks
X27 Grizzlies
X28 Clippers
X29 Suns
X30 Pelicans
X31 Hornets
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